#73: The Value of Data

In enterprise data circles, it is a well-known statistic that less than 30% of companies claim to have been successful in becoming a data driven organization. What is not so easy is to figure out why companies have such a hard time getting actionable insights from data – in my experience consulting with many companies,... Continue Reading →

#72: Software 2.0 in the Enterprise

In 2020, Gartner identified Composability as a key factor to be resilient and agile in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment. Fast forward to 2022 and as most companies are bracing down an economic slowdown, it is becoming important for CIOs and IT leaders to accelerate the adoption of technologies that help business functions to:... Continue Reading →

#70: Time as a fundamental feature

Last week, I got into a discussion on Forecasting with a friend. He works with operational data flowing from server farms and in his line of work, he is interested in use-cases that go beyond the standard use-cases like load forecasting, what-if scenario analysis for failures to more nuanced (yet critical from an SLA point... Continue Reading →

#69: Small and wide data

Those of us who have spent enough years in Data and Analytics know that this industry, more than most in tech, is rife with jargon and ever so often, the irresistible urge to spin some new buzzword (to some, this is how the industry continues to maintain the hype and they wouldn’t be wrong. But... Continue Reading →

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