#60 – Rediscovering the maker mindset

You have probably heard of the growth mindset (Carol Dweck’s seminal work in development psychology). This is the recognition that the brain is a muscle – with practice, effort and nurturing, it can continue to grow and develop, a clear departure from the more fixed mindset of intelligence being an innate trait (you either have... Continue Reading →

#58 – Learning Systems

In my last post, I had made a case for expertise – and why it is important to have the necessary domain expertise in high performing teams. And not surprisingly, I got several responses arguing that experts are over-rated. Which I tend to agree with – experts are over-rated, but expertise is definitely not. The... Continue Reading →

#57 – What is expertise?

In one of the more obscure corners of the internet, there is a raging debate going on in the chess world ('A bird-seed seller beat a chess master online. And then it got ugly') Well worth a read – here’s the nub of the issue: on chess.com, an obscure player from Indonesia rose rapidly in... Continue Reading →

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