#70: Time as a fundamental feature

Last week, I got into a discussion on Forecasting with a friend. He works with operational data flowing from server farms and in his line of work, he is interested in use-cases that go beyond the standard use-cases like load forecasting, what-if scenario analysis for failures to more nuanced (yet critical from an SLA point... Continue Reading →

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#69: Small and wide data

Those of us who have spent enough years in Data and Analytics know that this industry, more than most in tech, is rife with jargon and ever so often, the irresistible urge to spin some new buzzword (to some, this is how the industry continues to maintain the hype and they wouldn’t be wrong. But... Continue Reading →

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Software 2.0 in the Enterprise

The other day, the topic of Software 2.0 came up and the question was this: is the idea of Software 2.0 limited to the rarified world of AI (autonomous driving, image recognition et al) or is it a broader trend that the enterprise world should start thinking about in the technology landscape? And as most... Continue Reading →

#68 Scale makes all the difference ..

In one of the many corners of the internet, there was a lot of excitement about the discovery of a new black hole (Sagittarius A*). For anyone remotely interested in Astronomy and scientific research in general (like me), this was a pretty big event – after all, this is only the 2nd time that scientists... Continue Reading →

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