Hi! My name is Krishna Rupanagunta. I write about the art and science of decision making: from the huge opportunity that AI presents in the Enterprise world (my day job) to the endlessly fascinating complexities of the human brain and what that means to how we as individuals and societies make choices, big and small.

I deeply enjoy reading on a smorgasbord of topics: Economics, History (American and Indian), Technology and of late, Psychology. Fiction makes its way every once in a while. I will share my reading list and whenever I can, write up my review of the book as well. And if you are up for a book discussion, you can always reach out to me.

I would love to hear from you – feel free to leave a review/comments on my posts, and if you do want to go beyond that, my email: rsrikrishna1@gmail.com.

The Cognitive Enterprise

Data and AI is transforming the Enterprise like never before. And I am fortunate to be in the thick of how this is playing out in companies, big and small.

Random Musings

My thoughts on a wide variety of topics, that try and explore the human mind: how we think and how we make decisions

Book List

I read – and by conventional measures, read a lot. The list of books that I am reading/have read with my own little review


This week, wanted to take a detour and discuss a basic concept, which oddly enough, we don’t think about a whole lot. I am reading ‘The Story of Science’ by Susan Wise Bauer1, a collection of writings by Scientists through the ages. If you are remotely interested in how the scientific thinking and method evolved… Continue Reading →

Preparing for crises

Last week’s Economist had a dire title ‘The next catastrophe’1. They call economics a dismal science for a reason – when the world is in the middle of a health and an economic catastrophe, the Economist chose to talk about the next catastrophe. They do have a point: if there is any time to draw… Continue Reading →

The Problem Solvers

Last week, I had written about problem solving mindsets. The foxes – problem solvers who are able to solve a wide range of problems and the hedgehogs – problem solvers who are very good at specific problems. If you think about it, most of the systems in organizations have been tailored to reward the hedgehog… Continue Reading →

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