Why Socrates?

It would be reductionist and simplistic to attribute the birth of logic, rational and ethical thought to an individual. However, if there is one individual who can be credited with thinking about ‘thinking as a living system – one that can and should be continuously improved’, it would most likely be Socrates. And that has always been my inspiration: how do we get better at thinking about the world around us, and through that, get better at problem solving: in other words – how do we all get better at ‘Thinking like Socrates’?

The idea is to pen down thoughts in 3 broad categories:

  1. I am fortunate to be in the front and center of the massive interest in Data, Cognitive Computing – more broadly, Decision Sciences. I hope to share my thoughts and learn on what is going on out there: and in the process, we can all be better at sifting the reality from the hype.
  2. I am what can be called a voracious reader – and in the best tradition of serendipity, I devour a wide variety of topics – mostly, I immensely enjoy reading for the sake of it. I will share my reading list – and hopefully, a short synopsis after I wade through each book
  3. And then there is the detritus of odds and ends – interesting articles, podcasts etc. that I keep stumbling upon. Will keep linking them as well.

So, here we go – my commitment is to post something every week.

Thanks for joining! And look forward to hearing from you!

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