Culture in the Workplace

Enough said about this already - suffice it to say that culture is the single most important determinant of success for any team - and even more so in Analytics and Data Science. Lots being talked about this topic - here is a great interview of Amy Edmonson who has written a book on the... Continue Reading →

Epistemic systems

One topic that often comes up when we meet family is that of children - education and career. And the discussion morphs into passion and purpose. And something that everyone of us desires of ourselves and our children - what if education and careers truly align with passion and purpose. The ikigai infographic was doing... Continue Reading →

Holiday Reading List

Here's the holiday reading list. The idea is to read these 4 books over the 2 weeks, in the middle of a typically hectic India vacation. Let's see how that goes ! Leadership in turbulent times: Doris Goodwin 21 Lessons for the 21st Century: Yuval Harari AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and new world order:... Continue Reading →

Why do AI projects fail?

I have often said that the most valuable thing that I have built from my years in Analytics Consulting is a ‘failure portfolio’. Each failed project has taught a lot, and it comes down to some foundational issues Are you solving the right problem? Call Center Operations are always trying to cut down the call... Continue Reading →

The Economics of Decision Making

I have been thinking about the economics of Decision Making for a while now. And also, currently reading Prediction Machines  - very interesting read. This takes extra relevance as the economics of AI come into focus as enterprises continue to invest in AI, in search of the next engines of productivity. Prediction Let's start with Predictions... Continue Reading →

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