Building the Execution muscle

"It is all about execution, stupid!", said a wise man. And it is nowhere truer than in AI implementations these days. A vast majority of AI inspired projects start with a lot of fanfare: budgets are lined up, a prototype is funded, a few data scientists go to town with the latest and coolest AI... Continue Reading →

The Cognitive Enterprise

The business world has a way of coming up with catchy terms which are, at best, thought provoking. The idea of the ‘Cognitive Enterprise’ is one such idea that is taking hold: and the genesis is becomes quite apparent, once you start thinking about it. It starts with the basic axiom of a competitive marketplace:... Continue Reading →

Why Socrates? Why now?

It would be reductionist and simplistic to attribute the birth of logic, rational and ethical thought to an individual. But if there is one individual who can be credited with this, it would undoubtedly be Socrates. And that is my inspiration behind this blog – how do we all get better at ‘Thinking like Scorates’?... Continue Reading →

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