AI as a General Purpose Technology

It is very rare that any technology gets elevated to this status - most technologists however, do agree that AI should make the cut: along with the internal combustion engine, electricity and the internet. Many definitions exist, here's one: 1. Pervasiveness – The GPT should spread to most sectors. 2. Improvement – The GPT should... Continue Reading →

Decision Sciences in the Enterprise

In my role as the Analytics Leader in a Fortune 500, I spend a lot of my time thinking about how to make Decision Sciences real in the Enterprise. The two main focus areas that Enterprises need to think about to start extracting value from Big Data and AI are: Moving from Discovery to Implementation:... Continue Reading →

What can we learn from chess?

  Over the years, I have seen some projects do well, some fail spectacularly and many more fizzle out. Here are a few observations on some of the behaviors exhibited as well as activities that seem to correlate with generally good outcomes for projects. As always, this list is not exhaustive; neither is it prescriptive.... Continue Reading →

Enterprise AI: Hype vs. Reality

During the early days of the IT hype cycle in the late 1980s, the economist Robert Solow famously said, "You can see the computer age everywhere except in the productivity statistics". This came to be called the 'Solow computer paradox' and spun a body of research on the true impact of IT spends on productivity,... Continue Reading →

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