Update your priors!

The other day, I saw a t-shirt slogan – ‘Update your priors!’ These nerdy t-shirt slogans are not uncommon in the Silicon Valley. This one caught my eye – to me, it has never been more relevant given the current swirl of data and analysis around Covid-19, now that epidemiologists and statisticians are in a... Continue Reading →

Problem Solving: Rigidity in Thinking

Ever so often, we are presented with analysis that doesn’t turn out anything that we already didn’t know, or even worse, superficial. We often put that down to intellectual laziness – but I wonder, is there more to it? While most organizations have some problem solving methodology or the other, and some teams in these... Continue Reading →

Stories and Statistics

Last week, I talked about Complex systems and our limits to understanding. And when we do find ourselves in such situations, we are prone to fill the gaps or work through our limits of understanding with stories. Stories by themselves are not wrong – in fact, we are probably the only species on the planet... Continue Reading →


This week, wanted to take a detour and discuss a basic concept, which oddly enough, we don't think about a whole lot. I am reading ‘The Story of Science’ by Susan Wise Bauer1, a collection of writings by Scientists through the ages. If you are remotely interested in how the scientific thinking and method evolved... Continue Reading →

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