#63 – Causation and Correlation

Some of you reached out to ask me how the idea of Natural Experiments is any different from the standard experiments (test/control, A/B testing  et al). The latter (let’s call them Controlled experiments) differ in two critically important ways: Controlled experiments have the ability to define the relevant populations upfront. This is a huge advantage... Continue Reading →

#62: Natural Experiments

October is the Nobel Prize month – and most years, we really don’t pay all that much attention (except perhaps the Peace Prize where everyone seems to have an opinion). But then, every once in a while, the Nobel Committee ends up landing on a body of work that you can directly see around you.... Continue Reading →

#60 – Rediscovering the maker mindset

You have probably heard of the growth mindset (Carol Dweck’s seminal work in development psychology). This is the recognition that the brain is a muscle – with practice, effort and nurturing, it can continue to grow and develop, a clear departure from the more fixed mindset of intelligence being an innate trait (you either have... Continue Reading →

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